The Dragon Project Trust
Researches into rumours about the power and properties of ancient “sacred” sites.

Physical Energy Monitoring

The Dragon Project was founded in 1977 (becoming a Trust in 1988 ) initially in order to mount an interdisciplinary investigation into the rumours (existing in both traditional folklore and modern anecdote) that certain prehistoric sites and ancient venerated places had unusual forces or energies associated with them. This work in the project’s early years was partially funded by the Threshold Foundation. The Dragon Project, a loose and shifting consortium of volunteers from various disciplines, conducted intermittent physical monitoring sessions at sites in the UK and other countries, over several years. In the end, it was concluded that most stories about magical and mysterious "energies" were likely to have no foundation in fact, and in a few cases might be due to mind states produced by certain locations. But hard evidence of magnetic and radiation anomalies was found at some sites, and some more questionable evidence of infrared and ultrasonic effects also. In addition, it was found that the kind of locations favoured by megalith builders tended to have a higher than average reported incidence of unusual lightball phenomena or "earth lights“/”unidentified atmospheric phenomena”. Pictures of this period of research can be found in the Gallery.

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